Swing tip Float

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Swing tip Float

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Anybody seen or heard of these ?

It was amongst a box of bits and bobs I picked up yesterday ( subject on another thread )


Never seen or heard of one before,I think it may have a part missing, maybe a tube of some sort ?
It has instructions which tbh do not make much sense to me …


I think possibly that the bottom stubby part may have had some sort of eye attached, for the line to run through and up to the eye, and the larger stubby section sticking out at right angles may have had a brightly coloured tip on it, when used the float may have stood vertically in the water and a bite would be indicated by the float eye dipping down and the coloured tip popping up before being pulled under ? I could be very wrong but ?

Hurrumph....... whatever happened to Handlines ?

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Re: Swing tip Float

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What an interesting item! Never seen or heard of that 'float'.

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