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Aitch wrote: Wed Jan 18, 2023 10:59 pm A sad addendum to the Sowerbutts story, I cannot verify its truth so it remains just a story...
I worked with a chap called Michael Billyeald of Epping in Essex, he lived next door to a Mrs Sowerbutts she was an elderly lady and died in the 80's...he imparted to me she had died and he knew I was an angler and had I heard of the name Sowerbutts... ( who hasn't?) the sad part is her remaining family cleared the house and garden shed of loads of tools threads, corks and culms and had a bonfire in the garden... such a sad end to a great man's life and legacy...

As I said before I cannot confirm the story as recounted to me but...

As a pole angler I dream of owning a Sowerbutts pole, sadly my riches do not extend to affording one, so I content myself with a Milwards pole and a couple of Japanese gourd Poles
Eric, I really enjoyed reading your story. It does make using rod, pole or other “olde worlde” tackle more interesting knowing something about them. While using any of my old stuff, I often try to imagine where/when and by whom it was used - never to know the answers…. :Cry:

It matters not who made the pole/rod, just enjoy using it - I’m sure you do.
Oh to be at my “Happy Place” where nothing matters but the being there.

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