Invention date of the quivertip?

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Re: Invention date of the quivertip?

Post by Wandle1 »

I can remember, around 1970 or 71 ,going through my father's cantilever grey tacklebox which held all sorts of wonderful stuff,anyway I found a very ,very long thin quiver tip,which I borrowed..

Time passed ..

I cut it down an old winfield spinning rod ,and inserted this borrowed quiver tip,and I made a little quiver tip rod for using on the Valency valley trout stream and Rocky valley nr Tintagel for trout ,it worked really well..not far from St Nectans Glen,which was open to all,back then..

But I remember that long thin quiver tip,good thing I never got found out..!!!

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Re: Invention date of the quivertip?

Post by Harry H »

I have a couple of JB Walker catalogues no mention of quiver or swing tip in the 64 edition but both get a mention in the 69 edition.
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Re: Invention date of the quivertip?

Post by Olly »

I think there is a time difference between the commercially made quiver tip/quiver tip rod - - and the invention of the quiver tip. When were screw end eyes invented to take the commercial screw-in swingtip and then the quiver tip?

The original quiver tip was the donkey top, solid glass inserted into the top joint of a hollow glass rod. So soon after the commencement of hollow glass being used is probably about the date! The first swing tip, which preceded Q/Ts, were not screw-in.

With the LAA, who fished matches on the Thames, came, I think, the donkey top and feeders.

Allcocks 1966 catalogue shows the Billy Lane Q/T rod. The catalogue also shows a "swing tip" - with no screw attachment!

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