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Thanks again Olly. I’ve actually looked at the info on that website before. There’s some useful info there though. From that website and various others I’ve compiled a list of what I think my rod isn’t.
What it isn’t…
Suredale has a whole cane butt
Severndale has a 20” handle
Foredale has a whole cane butt
Windale 11ft whole cane butt
Gemdale weighs 10ozs
Avon’s have whole cane butts
Aero Wizard has a whole cane butt
Silverdale is Spanish Reed
Temedale is 9ft long
Thamesdale is 14ft & detachable butt
Dalesman whole cane middle &butt
Croftdale made of aluminium alloy
Markdale has Spanish Reed butt & middle sections
Withamdale whole cane butt & middle sections
Goldale 10ft
Kimdale 11ft detachable butt
Matchdale whole cane butt
Avondale whole cane butt
Match 913 has a whole cane butt and middle section.

As far as I know, these specifications are correct but I’d welcome any further information.
There must be someone out there with an Aero 12ft that they could measure for me!

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