A river Pike

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Re: A river Pike

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Liphook wrote: Mon Sep 20, 2021 8:15 am That's a good honest answer Catfish. Lesson learned by the sounds of it :Thumb:
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Re: A river Pike

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Olly wrote: Mon Sep 20, 2021 1:45 pm Just one Society's Rules & Regs:-

s. PIKE and PREDATOR FISHING. To protect Pike and other predatory fish in the society waters, a number of special Bye-laws have been drawn up to cover fishing for these different species. These are::
s.i Only members and guests who are in possession of a special 'PIKE FISHING STAMP' will be allowed to fish for Pike in Society waters. These permits will be available free of charge to all members who attend a 'Pike Teach-In' and satisfy Society Officials that they are in possession of the minimum suitable equipment to fish for and handle Pike when caught. Suitable equipment will be detailed in the Bye-laws below. Dates and venues of the 'Pike Teach-in' can be found on the inside cover of the handbook.

s.ii Suitable equipment will include:-
s.ii.a. Monofilament main line must have a minimum breaking strain of 15lbs. Braided main line must have minimum breaking strain of 50lbs.
s.ii.b. Traces must be a minimum length of 24 inches (60cm) and not less that 25lb breaking strain. No more than two treble hooks may be used on any one trace, these must be semi-barbless or barbless.
s.ii.c. Large knotless landing net with a minimum of 36 inch (90cm) long arms.
s.ii.d. Large unhooking mat.
s.ii.e. 12in (30cm) long artery forceps.
s.ii.f. Side cutters able to cut problem hooks when caught in the soft throat tissue or gill rakers.
s.ii.g. An adequate Carp/Pike weigh sling.
s.ii.h. A sensitive and effective bite detector system which shows ‘drop back’ as well as runs.
s.ii.i. Wire traces for lures, plugs and spinners must be used, no less than 25lb breaking strain, a minimum of 24 inches (30cm) long and all lures, plugs and spinners must be barbless when Pike fishing.
s.ii.j. Fishing for Pike with live or dead baits is permitted from the 1st of October to the 14th of March on all society waters. Lures, plugs and spinners may be used from 1st April to the 30th March.

That is quite a comprehensive set of club rules for its members when pike fishing, sadly not all clubs are as bothered about the welfare of pike as this club are.
There is still a general misunderstanding of the needs and welfare of the Pike, especially in still waters. Even though they may look prehistoric and vicious they are one of the most fragile of fish in our system, if not the most fragile.

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Re: A river Pike

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Similar rules and regs are found in many Angling clubs especially where big fish can be found - after all the biggest are female and without eggs then fry -- there will be no pike! And they are the most fragile of species.

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Re: A river Pike

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I was talking to a relative only last week about Pike fishing. He is not a big fan belonging unfortunately to the "Carp Bashing Bivy Brigade"
He was showing me his truck loads of tackle ( always find fishing tackle interesting) and some of his dreadful Carp rigs.......... but.... the hook lengths had green rubber plastic tubing on them.
I asked him what it was for... 'for stopping the line rubbing on the fish and ripping off its scales'
I thought that was pretty considerate considering the same fish are being caught weekly.. if not the same day!
( No fish enjoys being hooked and reeled in, photographed etc etc and then given a bit of time to revive.. then put back.. we all have our own Conscience and have to live with that...as Jack Hargreaves rightly said)
After reading the above post I wondered if any of you (us, me to) Pike Anglers have thought about the plastic tubing over the wire trace.... It might be a little easer on the poor old Pike we have fun with...... sport???

Something to think about.

Mr B
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