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Displaying Perch

Post by OldAngler » Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:49 pm

Over the years I have seen some very good photos of Perch. We all want to see that wonderful spiny front dorsal fin. Often the angler is holding the fish under the belly, (which I have been told is not good for the fish as it can compress internal organs), with the front dorsal fin held erect with the other hand, and usually a smiling angler just behind the fish.

I admit I am biased.I like to see a picture of the fish, but not my ugly face in the same photo. If you put the fish on an unhooking mat it always folds down the front dorsal fin. I usually lay the fish on the landing net, which in turn is on an unhooking mat or soft grass, and in order to display the dorsal I simply tuck one or two of the spines into the mesh of the net. It does not harm the fish at all and it shows the dorsal pretty well.

Another technique I have been using for years is to write the weight of the fish, and the date caught, on a postcard with black felt tip pen. This is then put alongside the fish and hence included in the photograph. It gives a permanent record and (to some extent) an idea of scale, although I often put the rod and reel in the photo for this purpose. I enclose a couple of examples.

Happy Perching!
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Re: Displaying Perch

Post by Santiago » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:02 pm

Good advice, but I wouldn't go as far as displaying the date and weight. For me that ruins the whole photograph. I would much rather see the float used in the picture!
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