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Re: Autumn Perch method

Post by John Aston » Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:30 am

Des helped me with some advice on drop shotting last year and my hit rate increased hugely when I switched to lobs and dendrobenas from artificials.The artificials work for some( judging by the pictures in the comics) but several times now I have switched from take a chuck worm, tried a drop shot lure and not a knock . Back to worm and back come the takes .....

Des also advised using these VMC hooks which are excellent and whilst I still miss or bump too many perch most are tiny ones I suspect. Out again on ..ahem.. 'a local canal' today .

Rod wise I better not say what I use as it was not entirely organic in origin but I find 8-6 ideal and a sensitive tip is an absolute must - my early forays with the method were with a stiff spinning rod which was utterly useless for my second favourite method after fly fishing

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