iSpy Books 1970's

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Carl Hier
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iSpy Books 1970's

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I was recently reminded how much I loved my iSpy Fishing book in the early 1970's, where you could award yourself marks depending on tackle used and fish caught etc.
The books on fishing, pond life and camping were very well thumbed when I was approx 7 - 10 years old.
Fabulous early memories of dipping nets in ponds, before my first fishing rod at 9 or 10 years old.
Copying the diagrams from those books - drawing our local ponds - great times (in my eyes at least).
I loved those books.

Think iSpy books may still exist but have been somewhat 'modernized' perhaps?
Like many things in my eyes, the current versions couldn't possibly match the versions from years ago.

......and then came the Observer books..... of Freshwater Fish and Pond Life, a whole new set of golden memories !

I'm sure many generations have benefitted from those books.

It's not just about the fish, if waters are calm or rough, even if the net stays dry, just being there's enough.

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Arctic Char
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Re: iSpy Books 1970's

Post by DaceAce »

I had the I-Spy Fishing circa 1967; it would be a fair few years before I saw or caught a few of the species!

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