Redmire Phone Wars 2016

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Re: Redmire Phone Wars 2016

Post by Kevin » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:59 am

Tengisgol wrote:
The Sweetcorn Kid wrote:So many individuals, so many opinions, just as it should be. How boring if we all envisaged the same ideals in life.

I may speak as someone heavily biased, yet I'll never try with words to alter the opinion of anyone set against the idea. Each to their own is something which is becoming more and more emphasised every day for me, it is exactly why I go fishing to a local commercial lake wearing a deerstalker. I may get odd looks cast my way, I may get a chuckle as I walk past, but nobody is unkind out loud. By the same token, I do not snigger or poke fun as I walk past 3 matching black rods, all rigged up to alarms and completely redundant. Each to their own, it really is as important in angling as anything else, and I sit by that fully.

The same applies to this thread. A chance for those to wish each other good luck on one day every year they look forward to, have everything crossed and maybe, just maybe, see all their dreams come true. I think it slightly unfair that anyone would try to detract from that, to sneer or pass judgement. Yes a forum is for discussion and debate, but also to adhere to the topic in hand and not to seek to deviate just to belittle or have one's say. Perhaps another thread should be started if a discussion on the Redmire of today is to be stoked up again.

Me? I'll not be taking part this year. My second child will be coming into the world around the start of the new season, after June there will be very little angling coming from me at all, busy trying to cram it all in now. As for Redmire, I'll be going there a week today for 5 days with good friends. I'll not go into what I expect from the trip, why I go there, why the magic still survives, as this is to wish folk luck on this momentous day.

Sincerely good luck gents, and may Isaak be with you all. :Hat:
Well said. I had the opportunity to visit once, in the winter, with some dignitaries and chose not to. I hope one day I might go to the place and cast a line or just to look. But I wish everyone best of luck in following their dreams.

I stood yesterday by a pool (just visiting some friends) and it is no exaggeration to say that at any moment a pike float could have dipped and the record smashed. But I had no urge to fish, only hoping that the nice guys I was with fulfilled their dreams and that I might be there to see such a creature.

Without dreams, what are we? Good luck chaps I say.
With dreams begins responsibility
W.B Yeats.

The point I was making was four rods on a pool was overkill but
You all saw this as an attack on your nirvana.
Four bolt rigs in a swim is light years away from "quietist dreaming"
you may as well dress up as Yoda

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Re: Redmire Phone Wars 2016

Post by Barbulus » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:25 am


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Re: Redmire Phone Wars 2016

Post by Kevin » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:47 am

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Re: Redmire Phone Wars 2016

Post by Aitch » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:01 am

One day I shall fish Redmire, for me the magic is still there.... maybe not in any tangible form, but in the ghosts of memories, and that which resides in us all... who knows, perhaps one day it may yet yield a surprise and hopefully to the rod of one of us... the Magic resides within us and we take it to every water that we fish, except that Redmire will always be that bit special..

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