Two important favourite floats

The place you will find all those traditional terminal tackle items.
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Re: Two important favourite floats

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TFF at its best. Well done Micky, lovely gesture mate.


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Re: Two important favourite floats

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Thank you for sharing, my Father was never an angler, but I have photo's and his medals from the war etc. I will always miss him, as you will miss your Father! :Hat:
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Re: Two important favourite floats

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Sussex Micky wrote: Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:52 am Glad i could help in some small way, sorry i did not get them exact to yours its easier to copy in the hand rather that your posted picture but i am sure you can find these useable..the left float being a beat up Harckork which i gave a little new life to which was the make of your original one.
They’re wonderful Micky and will be much used! :Thumb:
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