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Re: Strange Encounter

Post by Willsmodger » Tue May 08, 2018 9:20 am

I don't mind other anglers talking to me.
When I was young and stupid I was all "I've caught this, or I've caught that"
The response was always they had caught more, or bigger.
Now I'm older, no less stupid, I am completely honest. If I'm struggling I say so. It's amazing how often other anglers say the same, or just occasionally, will suggest a better spot or tactic.

That's the angling brotherhood. The non angling fraternity are a very mixed bag, with some very strange people wandering around.
Once, fishing next to my mate, a dark haired woman passed us. As she did so she said with some venom "you dirty b#######"
Eh? Just the first of many weird encounters with the GBP.

All the best.

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